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Established on 2010. H&C Investment Group is a domestic property development company, proudly Aussie funded and operated by Aussies. Our company has promoted western area growing the need for housing, highly motivated with a strong passion for developing remarkable and timeless residential and commercial properties. Our professional business partner works closely with locals to come up with results that exceed expectations


We strongly believe no matter which suburb of development, there should not be standard different from the building, this is always our priority to focus on the quality of our developments, and this is H&C’s difference and stand out from others company. H&C Investment Group is steadily growing in New South Wales and aiming to be the one of the most recognised, responsible, sustainable property development company group in Australia. Never too late to have one of our properties, there will always be new housing to suit our new client. If you’re interested in working with Firm on your next endeavour, please send us an email.

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    Every project, We are carefully, intently planned and work closely with all professional expertise consultants to ensure all our properties development proposal benefit to communities and design for durability. We are cautiously and only engage domestic, reputable, reliable construction company to ensure our superior quality, low maintenance properties to be build, also complete projects within the timeframe. 



Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. for each project, we had to go through various compliance measures to make sure our work followed stringent industry standards, completed on time and within budget. We only use the full experienced local builder to delivering quality development projects and seeing it through from start to finish to ensure satisfaction. We only choose domestic banks and not from oversea to ensure sufficient fund with no sudden. Lots of cases were about development companies uncompleted and suspended property development caused by the insufficient fund which funded by oversea.

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We dedicate to build exquisite, outstanding quality, safe yet minimise maintenance of properties. We also help to enhance local communities to improve facilities, safety and comfort to promote a higher quality of living environment. Be responsible company in Australia and let residents to experience the best part of Australia.It’s a great example of our commitment to delivering quality development projects and seeing it through from start to finish despite complications to ensure full client satisfaction.