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As a Commercial Property Development Firm, we help investors and businesses across New South Wales. Since 2010, we’ve taken on decent small projects to large-scale projects. No matter what the scope, we always stay engaged in all aspects of the development process from conception to implementation. Take a look at some of our recent projects and get in touch for more information.

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THE 1618

November, 2016


November, 2017


Silver Sydney Design Award 2017

THE 1618

 Located in Lidcombe, 5 Min walk from the station, extraordinary location, peaceful and secure. It is close to retails, medical practice and public transport and school. Excellent design building with low maintenance, high-end secure access system and low-density residential, this will be a joyful place for living in or investment. The real estate agent One Realty Lidcombe presold all our units within three weeks. We delivered our promise on time, the building completed within 13 months. 

We appreciate The Commonwealth Bank of Australia funded the project. 


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Located in Lidcombe, 8 Min walk from the station, convenient location, not far away from The 1618 property. We remained high standard finishing schedule, high secure access system and even including more in standard and extra louvres screen for extra comfort. Stunning design with low maintenance and low-density residential, this will be another successful building. We pre-sold all our units within three weeks after DA granted. Purchasers are confident with our property.

We appreciate the St George bank funded this project.

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The Silver Sydney Design Award Building 2017

Located in Lidcombe, one of the busiest corners of Lidcombe, used to be an ordinary sharp corner and very common in Sydney. 3 Min walk from the station, the architect, has a sharp sensation to create a public interactive retail area. In stead of maximising the retail spaces, the architect has sacrificed minimal interior space to become open space and create a quality street experience. Smoothing the sharp corner design and given more relaxation and interesting area for residents, uplifting the value of suburb and it will be the first fabulous design happened in a western suburb and you will be amazed. It is coming very soon.


We are proudly announcing our Building design have archived Silver awards from Sydney Design Awards.


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